Car Parking

The City of Devonport has nine car parks within its Central Business District offering over 1100 car parking spaces (including 15 disabled spots), and 501 metered spaces (including 3 disabled).

Car park Locations

Location Number of Spaces
Formby Road (Cmax complex)


Rooke Street


Payne Avenue (3 hour)


Payne Avenue (all day)


Best Street


Edward Street


Wenvoe Street




Victoria Parade


Fenton Way


Operating Times, Time Limits & Fees:


  • All $1.80 per hour (maximum of one hour)
  • 9.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday
  • 9.00am -1pm Saturday


  • All $1.60 per hour (except Best Street which is a Pay As You Leave car park,Wenvoe Street which is 90 cents/hour or $4.50 all day and Victoria Parade is 60 cents/hour or $3.60 all day).
  • 8.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday; 9.00am - 10am Saturday.
  • 3 hour limits- Formby Road, Edward Street and Lower Payne Avenue.
  • All Day Parking- Best Street, Rooke Street, Fourways, Fenton Way, Upper Section Payne Avenue, Wenvoe Street & Victoria Parade car parks.


  • Pay As You Leave Parking (PAYL) parking from 2 March 2015.
  • $1.80 per hour, between8.00am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Charged in 15 minute increments.
  • The Pay Station machine will accept coins (except for 5 cent pieces), notes ($5, $10 & $20) and credit cards (VISA and Mastercard).
  • Lost parking tickets charged at the full day rate of $17.
  • Monthly & Annual Parking Permits cannot be used in the Best Street Car Park.
  • Concession Parking Booklets cannot be used in the Best Street Car Park.
  • Disability Parking Permit holders are required to pay for parking in this car park.


Monthly parking permits

All car parks (except the Best Street car park): $130.00

Wenvoe Street: $90.00

Victoria Parade: $60.00

Annual Permits

Metered Space permits: $250.00

Reserved Spaces in Payne Avenue car park

$1,060.00 per annum; can be billed monthly ($88), 3 months ($265) or 6 months ($530)

Hooded Meter (used by tradesman)

$30.00 per metered space per day

Disability Parking Permit Guidelines

  • Australian Disability Parking Permits are issued by the Tasmanian Government to Scheme members and are transferable to any vehicle that they travel in, either as the driver or as a passenger.
  • Members are not entitled to use their parking permit if they are not leaving the vehicle.
  • Parking Concessions only apply if the permit is displayed in the front of the vehicle so that the permit number and expiry date can be clearly seen by parking officers. Parking infringement notices will be issued where permits are detected being used outside of the conditions specified above.

This Scheme is administered by the Tasmanian Government to provide assistance to people who have a permanent or temporary severe disability.

If parked in Time Zones

5 mins Zone, 15 min Zone - stay for a total of 30 mins

30 min Zone,1 hour Zone - stay for a total of 2 hours

1 hour zone, 2 Hour zone, 4 Hour Zone - stay for twice the time

Parking Meter Parking (on Street)

Pay for one hour, and get one hour free.

Council Car Parks

No free time.

Designated Disability Parking Spaces (on Street and in Council Carparks)

Park for free for 90 mins. If you need to park for longer, please purchase a voucher for the full time required and park in a non designated parking space.

Devonport City Council Parking Strategy & Action Plan

Devonport City Council Parking Strategy

Devonport City Council Parking Strategy Action Plan

Fees and Charges are current for the 2014-15 Financial Year as of 1 July 2014

New Parking Arrangements now apply to the Best Street Car Park

What is Pay As You Leave (PAYL) Parking?
PAYL parking will replace the current pay and display parking arrangements in the Best Street car park.It is based upon users paying for parking based on the length of time they are parked in the car park.

How will it work?
Drivers entering the Best Street car park will take a parking ticket from an entry machine before proceeding through aboom gate to enter the car park. Upon returning to the car park, drivers will be required to validate their ticket at the pay machine, then proceed to the exit boom gate and enter their validated ticket in the exit machine, which will activate the exit boom gate.

Why is it being introduced?
PAYL car parking should assist with building CBD shopper patronage and satisfaction, by eliminating the potential for users to receive infringement notices for over staying their pre-purchased parking time allocation.
There has been strong demand in recent years from both Devonport retailers and shoppers to introduce a Pay as You Leave (PAYL) parking solution, due to its ease of use and the benefits it should bring to the Devonport CBD.

Why is it only being introduced in the Best Street car park?
Council has decided to introduce PAYL into only the Best Street car park at this time, which offers good access and required the least amount of modification. Is it likely that PAYL will be introduced into the new multi storey car park proposed as part of the LIVING CITY redevelopment on Rooke Street.To introduce PAYL in the Formby Road (C-Max) car park would result in the loss of a significant number of car spaces and higher cost due to a greater number of modifications required. The other existing car parks are either too small or not close enough to the heart of the CBD, to enable the introduction of PAYL parking.

Isn't the Best Street car park earmarked to become part of the new LIVING CITY waterfront precinct?
There is strong support to introduce a PAYL parking solution in Devonport CBD prior to the commencement of LIVING CITY redevelopment. The Best Street car park represents the best location for PAYL parking and its future redevelopment will not occur until Stage 3 of the project, which may not be realised for another five to eight years. The PAYL equipment being installed is also able to be relocated and re-used in other future car parks by Council.

Will there be a change to the number of car parking spaces?
The number of parking spaces in the Best Street car park will decrease from 144 to 136 spaces upon the introduction of PAYL, due to the space required to accommodate the associated equipment.

Will there be any changes to accessible parking?
The number of accessible parking spaces in the Best Street car park will increase from two to three bays. Permit holders will no longer be able to receive 90 minutes free parking in the Best Street car park and will be required to pay for their parking in this car park, in-line with other carpark users. Australian Disability Parking Permits will still need to bedisplayed in the front of the vehicle when parked in disabled parking spaces within the car park.

What will be the operating times of the car park?
The operating hours of PAYL parking will be 8am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Parking will continue to be free after hours and on weekends and public holidays.

What do I do if I need help?
There will be intercom assistance available at the Exit Machine between the hours of 8am and 5.30pm weekdays. Council's parking officers will also be on hand in the car park to assist users once PAYL is launched.

How will I be able to access the carpark?
Entry to the Best Street car park will be from Formby Road only. A new right hand turning lane will be created to enable safe entry into the car park for south bound drivers. A new car park left turn only exit will also be created onto Formby Road. Drivers wanting to head south on Formby Road to leave the CBD will be required to utilise the nearby Formby Road/Rooke Street/Oldaker Street roundabout to safely change direction on Formby Road.

Will the cost of parking change?
The cost of parking in the Best Street car park will increase from $1.60 to $1.80 per hour, with parking increments set to 15 minutes. Therefore, if you park for 1 hour and 10 minutes, the parking fee will be $2.25 (based on the $1.80 hourly rate).

What if I lose my parking ticket?
If you lose your parking ticket the fee will be $17, which is based on the full day rate for parking.

Can pensioner parking concession booklets still be used in the Best Street car park?
Unfortunately pensioner concession booklets will no longer be able to be accepted in Best Street car park as the PAYL technology cannot easily accommodate these concessions. The booklets will continue to be valid in all other Council carparks and with all on-street parking meters.

Can car park permits be used once PAYL is introduced?
Monthly and annual parking permits will no longer be accepted in the Best Street car park upon the introduction of PAYL. Permits can continue to be utilised in all other Council car parks.

What payment methods will be accepted?
The machine will accept coins (except for 5 cent pices), notes ($5, $10 & $20) and credit cards (VISA and Mastercard).

How much is the introduction of PAYL costing?
Council has budgeted $300,000 for the installation of PAYL inthe Best Street car park in the 2014/2015 financial year. Operational expenses associated with the maintenance, after-hours attendance and depreciation are estimated to be approximately $68,000 per annum. It is very difficult to estimate what impact PAYL will have on Council's parking revenue at this time.

Will there be any other changes to car parking in the Devonport CBD?
The Parking Strategy is due to be reviewed during 2015. There will be the opportunity for residents and businesses to provide feedback on the Strategy during a community consultation period.

Where can I get further information?
You will will be able to find further information about the introduction of PAYL parking to the Best Street car park on Council's website and Facebook page.

For any other queries please contact Customer Service at Council's Best Street offices, phone 6424 0511 or email

Dated 28 January 2015

Download a copy of the Information Sheethere.

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